Product parameters

VERYPOWER containerized power plant series are equipped Intenational standard 20GP&40GP Containers. Using original brand new engine, and well-known international brands of alternators Marathon, Stamford with high stability and reliability, which can provide high quality backup power greatly to the customer by ensuring the continuous operation of the Gensets. 

The containerized power station is equipped with diesel generating set, exhaust silencing system, fuel tank, automatic refueling device, control system, synchronizing control cabinet, ATS cabinet, switchgear, noise reduction material, lighting system and other auxiliary equipment.

Power range68KW~2400KW


Low noise level

Unique patented technology of noise insulation treatment can guarantee the power ouput and making the noise level lower than the international standard.

Easy to operate and maintain.

Using integrated design and layout, user-friendly interface allows maintain maintenance is minimum.

Strong power

Using imported original engines, generating units, with high-quality assurance.

Intelligent power station

The intelligent control system developed by our company is equipped with intelligent grid-connected power generation, multi-Genset synchronizing, automatic conversion, mutual control and so on, and can be coordinated control  according to the operation situation and project-related equipments.




20GP 500-640 6038*2438*2591
20HQ 580-818 6038*2438*2896
40HQ 640-1800 12192*2438*2896
45HQ 2000-2400 13982*2438*2896