A Resurrection (of sorts)

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” –Gandalf the Grey


Hello Friends,

Remember us?  It has been a long while since we last spoke.  

Back in December, we told you of a dream we had to create a new evolution in tabletop gaming.  We discovered that it wasn’t easy to tell people what we had in mind.  Codename: Morningstar was a big project, but there really wasn’t a great way for people to see it unless we put it in their hands.

We did some soul-searching.  We played a few games, got re-addicted to Pathfinder, wrote some code and worked on some corporate contracts outside of gaming.  Our passion and love for the project never faded and though it took no small effort from our band of misfits, we did it.  DungeonScape/Morningstar has been reborn as Playbook (for PRD).

Not only are we announcing a revival of this dream, but we’re proud to say that Playbook is available right now for iPad in the Apple App store.

Download it, play with it, tell us what you think.  There isn’t much content available yet, BUT, we have lots of irons in the fire and it’s going to get better.

To be clear, the dream is still ahead of us.  This is a step (a big step) toward the ultimate tabletop gaming companion.  Android, web, homebrew publishing…all of these are still in our wishlist.  

For now, give Playbook a try, and may the darkness be ever deserving of magic missiles.


The Trapdoor Technologies Team

P.S. Be sure to check out our feature list for 1.0.1.

  • David Flor

    Woo! Welcome back!

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  • Laura Thompson

    Nice app guys, well done!

    • hobodelight

      Thanks Laura 🙂 Hoping to see you on Friday!

  • Lee Wagoner

    Please don’t be so partial to apple! You’re going to miss your majority audience that way!

    • hobodelight

      Hi Lee,

      Soft launching on Apple was a decision we made early in our development cycle for various reasons – at the end of the day, it absolutely makes the most sense for us. Of course we are not intending to exclude users of other platforms, we’re just rolling out the software in a manner that best suits the size of our team and the reality of the features we can offer at this time. That said, we’re excited about other platforms and of course understand the desire for multi-platform support in todays eclectic market 😉

  • Patrick McGill

    Excellent news, will be checking it out directly.

    • hobodelight

      Hey Patrick! Good to see you again 😉

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  • Brian Juge

    Hello Hobo. I am excited to finally have this back in our hands