Spare parts service

Service is the important step in the whole supply and marketing chain, and it is always be concerned by  most of the customer. We understand this deeply since it is indispensable to provide thorough service to the customers to guarantee the generating set are in best condition always.
Based on the good cooperation with world famous manufacturer in the generating set field, we are able to guarantee the full supply of various spare parts.  
All spare part of VERYPOWER® are manufactured according strictly technical standard, they are reliable and durable, and some of spare parts could be repeatedly used. Repair solution include single spare parts and entire system replacing, such as engine, alternator, control cabinet, ATS switch cabinet and fuel system. 
With regard to engine, we could provide standard new spare parts include engine component, remanufacturered parts, standard parts, complete or short&long, engine improvement or modification,  engine overhaul, engine overhaul kit or  seal kit etc.

VERYPOWER has service center in most of our main markets, each service center has several profession service engineers who have been certified by VERYPOWER and out partnerS. They are able to provide service as design for general machine room, installation guidance, debugging of the middle and big size generating set, spare parts replacing and trouble shooting, technical support to the local partners. Each spare parts center has warehouse for routine spare parts to meet promptly service for customer's request.