Rental Service

According to the customers's practical demand, we have created new serving model. The company can provide multiple kinds of cooperation mode and rent channel based on the different marketing requirement. The company and customers are able to avoid too much capital occupation because of the equipment stock by win-win cooperation mode. At the same time, the customer could use this capital flexible to increases the capital usage rate and income . The investment risk will be also reduced. Apart from this, through the professional operation and management of Genset manufacturer, we can effectively bring down the operating and maintaining cost  and improve the reaction ability of emergency at the same time. And build firm foundation for stable operation of IDC equipment.                                                                                      201709151012281228.jpg


VOLVO, MITSUBISHI, CUMMINS, MTU, PERKINS, YUCHAI, KOHLER                                                                                         


Openset: Standard generating sets, suitable for customers with power generation or weatherproof facilities.

Sound-proof type: Silent type that adapts to office area and residential area where there is requirement of noise control.
Weatherproof type: the type is applicable for customer with no rainproof facility.
Trailer power station: Suitable for cilents who need moving power such as telecommunication and disaster rescue .


Small power range: 20KW-200KW
Medium power range: 300KW-900KW
Big power range:1000KW-2000KW